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In these 2 weeks you will learn how to transition into clean eating, mindful skin care and you will pick up new routines.
This program provides you with the most valuable knowledge of scientists, nutritionists and skin experts.

  • 3 Master Face Workout Videos, Exclusive Discount Codes, Meal Plans, Grocery Lists, Supplement Plans, Night Routines, Face Tools a.s.m

  • One year unlimited access for only 29,99€

Tropical Leaves

PRICE: 29.99€

Unlimited Access for
1 Year 

The program offers you:

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Improved skin conditions
Understanding core issues of skin problems

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Toned facial contures
Lifted, glowing skin. Smaller pores, reduced wrinkles and fine lines

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New routines for long-lasting healing effects
Simple steps for day to day home skin care

Tropical Leaves


Tropical Leaves



The Age
Beautiful skin is timeless and it is never too late to start all over again and to implement new routines and techniques into your skin care routine. Suffering from skin issues can be very frustrating. You deserve to glow from inside out and the sooner you start to heal your body, the sooner your skin will reveal this effort.


Your Body is telling You Something
Skin issues like acne, melasma or rosacea are signs of your body, that something is not going well. Often various organs and the way we eat play together with our skin problems. Understanding the language of your skin, will help you to heal ultimately and from within, rather than applying expense cremes and serums.


Digestion and Skin
Our skin is cloesly connected to our colon. If the colon is full of old waste, our skin will reveal it. Therefor it is essential to start cleansing, detoxing and implementing new ways of nourishing your temple. This transformation will not only show in your skin but overall energy level, your mood, your digestion and your well being. Our skin is a reflection of our gut.


Clean Eating - Finally Making Changes
If you have tried everything to change your eating patterns and if you have dreamed for so long to finally change into a more sustainable, healthy and green way of eating, you will love this program. A 15 day meal plan will guide you through a new world of simple, healthy and filling recipes. You are provided with shopping lists, a juice program, 3 vegan meals a day and a plan of supplements to give your cells everything they need without feeling hungry.



Become a Face Workout Expert
If you are into skin workouts, facial massages and face yoga you will love the daily exercises. You will also receive a playlist of 3 Master Classes, explaining you the art of sculpting, toning and lifting your face. These routines can be easily included into your daily sin care steps and will help you to look younger and wrinkle free in the long run.

What does the Program cover ?


Over All Wellbeing

Skin issues can relate the well being of every one. Especially with serious skin issues we can become very insecure and feel intimated by the exposure of the problematic skin. Beautiful, glowing skin helps to boost the self-esteem and creates and overall well being.


Holistic Healing Concept

This program is not about selling creams of face serums. This program helps you to understand the language of your body and tune into certain issues that are not aligned within your system. Therefor this course helps to heal your skin in a holistic approach and on physical, emotional and spiritual level.


More Self-Confidence

Having skin issues like acne or melasma can make one feel depressed, angry, anxious, and overwhelmed. It doesn't matter if the skin issue is mild or more severe. This course provides you with all the tools to achieve the skin you have ever dreamed of.

Tropical Leaves



The 15 Day Skin Reset Includes:

The program lasts for 15 days

You receive an E-book, shopping lists, video playlist


Tropical Leaves

Your Advantages of the Program

I am not only an expert in my field but over the years I also have proven that my techniques work. Everything I teach is tested on my own skin and body. Having gone through major skin issues myself, I can feel your pain and struggle. My program is filled with great tips, simple to understand and easy to implement.

The moment your payment is done, you have one year of free access to all the information and documents. In fact, if you download your Ebook it will last with you for a lifetime. You can go through the program in your own pace learn whenever it is suitable for you.

Besides amazing expert expertise you get a gift from me, which is a video playlist of 3 master class face workouts of each 10 min. I show you every move and talk about their benefits. You will love these videos. 

As a coach, I am here to help. You can connect with me at any point of time to ask questions or discuss any uprising, topic related problem. Feel free to send me an email and I will be happy to answer.

I promise to you, if you will stick to my program and the meal plan as well as my juicing recipes, you will see and feel results in very short time. This is a promise I make.

You can do this program from anywhere in the world. All you need is a good internet connection.


I am Sophie, welcome to my 15 Day Skin Care Reset.
I am a health and lifestyle advocate, with over 15 years of experience in my field. I have facilitated Yoga and Detox retreats all over the world and have specialized myself throughout the last years in the fields of conscious skin care and the practice of gravity colonics. My skin care treatments are a fusion of the lastest western techniques and ancient Ayurvedic practices to rejuvenate, reactivate and reenergize the skin cells. I spent several years in India and Indonesia, studying the art of physical yoga and body alignment. I have taught classes and workshops in 16 countries around the world and have an international clientele following my daily skin care routine videos on Instagram.
In this course I have merged my personal 
experience, my favorite recipes and the most profound expert know-how in order to create a step-by-step approach to internal healing, wellbeing and external glow. 

I promise to you, that these 15 days will change you to the best you have ever felt and looked!

Yours Sophie

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learn when and where you feel like it !

15 days of daily face workout routines 

Access to 3 face workouts at anytime

E-book to come back to all information whenever you want

Expert knowledge explained for anybody

Over 40 plant based recipes & meal preps

Lächelndes Mädchen

" My skin has never looked more glowing. I have learned so much during this program, especially how my food choices made me sick and my skin was just a reflection of what I put into myself. I am now understanding so much more, how to do healthy food choices and how I have influence my digestion and my skin, by eating clean and plant based".

Steph, 42 / Canada

" I never paid attention to my skin. Until my skin was breaking out in many ways, screaming for attention and help. I have gone through treatments and medication - but nothing helped. This program gave my skin a voice and finally I was able to learn, heal and adjust. Now a days my skin is glowing and I gained so much confidence through this course."

Sara, 28 / New York City

Ältere Frau an der Gymnastik

"I never thought, that healing, detoxing and transitioning into a more healthy life can be so much fun. I loved the meal planning and daily routines, which are now part of my daily self care."

Esther, 62 / Tel Aviv

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Can I keep the Ebook Once the Program is Over?

The access to all materials will be possible even after the program is over. You can always go back to the recipes or to the videos, in order to educate yourself or to go back to the routines.

Is the Program available in German?

This program is only available in English, but the structure and language are very simple to comprehend and actually self-explaining. English is not my native language and I think my style of explaining is easy to get even for people with little English abilities.

How long does it take to see Results?

Every 21 days the skin renews itself. However it may take longer for your skin to start heal and thrive. Cleaning the organs and alkalizing the blood can take months, but it it will eventually show on your skin and your energy level. Work with patience, consistency and self-love and miracles are just around the corner.

How can I pay for the Course?

The payment is really easy. After you have enrolled yourself for the Program, you will receive an Email from me, with my Paypal account information. If you don't use Paypal you can also send the money by bank transfer. My bank details are also included in the Email you receive. 

Is this safe even if I am new to Fasting?

This program is not about weight loss or restricting calories. The daily menu provides more than 1800 calories, all vitamins, mineral and plant proteins your body needs to thrive. Cleaning the body has been a tradition for thousands of years, throughout all cultures and religions. With my guidance and experience you don't have to fear anything.

Why does the Course include Supplements?

The supplements included in the program are organic, vegan and clean products, helping your system to work to its best ability. Supplements like TCM herbs, healing mushrooms or Ayurvedic roots have nothing to do with western chemical drugs but support the body where support is needed. Basically these supplements work to counteract the effects of stress in the body.

Your Question Was Not Answered ? Feel Free to Contact Me.

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