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Water Cleansing Journey

in Alignment with the Full Moon

- 15.01.2022 - 21.01.2022 -


What this Water Journey is about

cleanse your body from toxins

clear your energetic blockages

reset your mindset

become more radiant

activate your magic


You will be provided with the ultimate renewal by an effective detox and healthy nutrition program and a comprehensive set of therapies in a healing environment. 


Water fasting is an ancient health and spiritual practice, and it is one of the tools that helps us raise our awareness and expand our consciousness.


When we fast, we go through an ultra-cleansing for the physical body, allowing our system to release many of the toxins built up over time, and you may find, that despite the restricted intake of food, that you actually have

During this Journey you will be connecting with yourself within, using the Full Moon energies and a set of healing therapies provided. You will be getting access to the deeper layers of the emotional toxicity and you will be able to release them. 

Why Water Fasting ?


The Magic of Water

We will walk though different comprehensive sets of therapies in a healing environment to help you go through all these uncomfortable emotions.


The Retreat Schedule

Your supportive offerings


Purification on a physical level begins with movements, which are used to increase blood flow through the muscles and organs.  These movements, combined with conscious breath, bring oxygen to the whole body. The muscles and organs are tensed and released, so that old stagnant blood is moved out and fresh blood, full of nutrients, nourishes the whole body.   In some of the more dynamic postures, sweat can be created which also releases toxins through the skin. Further, the physical postures tone the endocrine glands, creating more harmony within the functioning of the body system.


When the body is allowed to rest internally, with no energy being spent on the digestion of food, a deeper clean can happen which allows for the regeneration of cells. The technique of meditation helps to clear the mind from distraction and free us from internal distraction.


Cupping increases blood circulation to the area where the cups are placed. This relieves muscle tension, blood flow is increased, cell repair is promoted and the lymphatic system gets activated. Body cupping is an ancient technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It helps the body through sucking pressure, to release toxins from the tissue through the skin out of the body.


Cold exposure has been used as a healing method for centuries. Ice bathing soothes muscles, reduce inflammation, improve breathing, and gives our mood a major boost. 

Ice bathing also increases the metabolism, improves mental health, and teaches us how to breathe through physical discomfort.


Sweat helps to push out toxins, getting rid of toxins improves our overall well-being. The steam in a Temazcal clears the pores and creates a smoother look. Through sweat we get rid of retained water in our bodies.

The heat in a temazcal opens up your capillaries, allowing blood to move around the body more easily. This increases oxygen levels and lowers blood pressure.


As the skin is our biggest detoxification organ, skin and face treatments are a great way to release toxic waste material and lymphatic stagnation. The treatments vary from massages, drainages, peelings, exfoliations, ozon treatments and 

Gua Sha Stone sessions. Overall the skin will look younger, fresher, will appear more plumb and less wrinkly.


During breath work, intentionally breathing pattern are changed. Breath work therapy purifies the mind, calms the nervous system and balances our mood. It is used as bypass the mind and enter a different state of awareness. 

The Location

The Hermitage is a Solitary and Dark Retreat Center, set on the shores of Lake Atitlan in the highlands of Guatemala.

All cabins and rooms have a stunning view of the surrounding volcanoes and lake, access the extensive gardens full of fruit trees and flowers and a private beach front for swimming. 

You will share your retreat with up to 12 other people who come from a surprising range of cultures and backgrounds, yet share the same needs.  

The Hermitage - Lago de Atitlan - Guatemala




4 ppl

What to expect ?

A profound reset on emotional & physical level

A reboot of your well being and an increased level of energy

New techniques to clean your body and keep it clean even after the retreat

Understanding relationships with food, break old patterns and implement new, healthy eating behaviors 

A deep cleanse on cellular level and a reset for all organs

To meet new like minded people and extended your soul family

Rejuvenate and regenerate from the inside to the outside 

Loose weight without starvation and feel the best you have for a very long time

Professional guidance throughout the event

Goodie-bags for 50 $ of value

A transformational experience even if you have never fasted before

Gentle breaking of the fast with support of fasting experts 

An event guided from professional fasting & detox coaches providing most valuable informations and support

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Professional know how in your hands for the rest of your life

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Next Water Cleansing Journey  is in 



opening circle


- ENDS -

closing circle







4 ppl

1,666 USD

1,444 USD

1,111 USD

10 % discount for couples

10 % discount for couples

10 % discount for couples


The Daily Program


• Arriving at permises & settling
• Workshop Opening Ceremony
• Light Dinner


• Meditation
• Purification Yoga 
• Body Cupping & Colonics
• Ice Bath, Breath Work

• Sound Healing
• Themazcal & Moon Ceremony 



• Meditation
• Skin Care

• Mayan Massage

• Explore San Marcos
• Themazcal



• Meditation
• Brunch
• Integration
• Closing Circle



Water advocate / 200hr Detoxification Specialist / Kangen Distributor

Throughout her life Violetta as a professional athlete has experimented with and studied numerous “diets” and methods of eating and fasting. She studied the water science and became a Kangen water distributor. The study and fasting she was doing revealed a clearer conversation about how water can heal the body, and how it changed mood, energy, and mental stability. She discovered that by connecting water, body, and emotion around the moon cycles, one can balance the whole system, and from there Moon Alignment Water Fasting took shape. She has been water fasting every Full/New Moon for the last 9 months, healing and reversing conditions such as high cholesterol, varicose veins, period regulation, headaches, irregular bowel function, IBS and skin conditions

Skin Expert / Health Influencer & Colonics Therapist

Sophie is a health and lifestytle advocate, with over 15 years of experience in her field. She has facilitated Yoga and Detox retreats all over the world and specialized herself throughout the last years in the fields of conscious skin care and the practice of gravity colonics. Her second clinic in Guatemala (first in Austria) is under construction and will open 2022. Gravity colonics are the most natural way to clean the large intestines with the natural pressure of filtered water. Gravity colonics are essential to support the body during fasts and purification programs. Sophies´ skin care treatments are a fusion of the lastest western techniques and ancient Ayurvedic practices to rejuvenate, reactivate and reenergize the skin cells. Sophie spent several years in India and Indonesia, studying the art of physical yoga and body alignment. She has taught in 16 countries around the world and over 45 yoga schools. Her classes blend rigorous poses and soothing adjustments with bursts of yoga philosophy. And her contemporary understanding of ancient knowledge has inspired her international fan clientele.



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