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The first Online At-Home- Melasma Program World Wide

Simple steps intoyour daily skin regimes, accompanied by food & juice recipes

Why everything you have tried so far has not brought the changes you were waiting for.

Deeper understanding of the Melasma root cause and how to maintain your skin even and bright in the long run

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  • Video Course with 19 Videos

  • At Home Melasma Regimes

  • Melasma Journal PDF

  • Facebook Skin Group

  • Exclusive Discounts

Sneak Peak for this E-Program

I am Sophie, welcome to THE MELASMA JOURNAL. 
This is a program I designed out of my own painful and frustrating experiences with pigmentation issues.

I have gone through hell and back with my skin throughout the last 7 years. From drinking urine and peroxide to spending 1000 of Dollars or treatments and products, trust me - I have been there. I was told that my skin will never get back to normal and that there was nothing else to do. I did not want to accept this answer and began my own Melasma journey. 
I have transformed my Melasma skin and have helped 100 of clients to do the same. Now a days my know-how and my regimes are implemented my Dermatologists and Aestheticians. In this short but profound program, I will share all insights, regimes and products you need to transition your Melasma skin, just like me.

I am excited to open this new gateway to you.

Sophie Prana
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