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Bikram Hot Yoga helps women to have more fun in bed

Pelvic Floor The standing series in Bikram Yoga is quite intense for the circulatory system, all muscles are working and deep tissue facias are strengthened. The standing postures require tight leg muscles to make the Asana work and therefor the pelvic floor is activated throughout the first 60 minutes of the class. Circulation flows, pelvic muscles are strengthened and the lower chakras energized. The muscles of the pelvic floor control the width of the vagina, which gives us women a tool to consciously control our vulva. Talking about Sex this pelvic control is an essential tool to guide us to more powerful, more pleasurable orgasms, because the orgasm in the vagina is the orgasm we women want to reach. The control of the pelvic floor is also an adventures and enjoyable play for the partner, as he can feel the contractions of the vulva as a very intense sensation.


Bikram Yoga is an intense form of Hatha Yoga. A regular practice will tone the muscles, form the body and reduce body fat. Within the 90 minute class we loose around 600 cal. therefor it is obvious that regular Yogis can shape their body within very short time to long-awaited forms.

The well-being in the own body helps any women to feel more secure and confident in the body and during sexual intercourse.


The Asanas of the Bikram Series help to activate our glands. With soft pressure the glands are massaged, twisting poses clean the glands, stretches strengthen and energizes them. The Asanas help to balance out the hormonal production. Our metabolism and circulation get activated, sleep-and wake cycle get balanced out. The digestion gets activated, the fat-burning is increasing and the over-all well-being is elevated. Mood-swings and monthly hormonal crash are getting reduced.


Yoga is Breathing. If we learn how to master the breath we gain the aces over all our body functions. Therefor we perceive our body with more awareness, feelings and sensations have the tendency to get more deep and intense. Simply we are more connected with our own body. Breath is not only connecting oneself, furthermore a deep connection with the partner can be build when the breath of the partners is in flow. If we learn to breath together we will be enabled to love longer, stronger and more intense.


The heat in Bikram Yoga has the ability to open up any body, no matter how old or broken the body may be. A body free of pain and in its full natural range of motion is not only our birth right but also a very handy thing while love making. No doubt, that a flexible body brings more pleasure and lust.

Balance Moving our body, using our mobility makes us happy. During 90 minutes Hot Yoga a lot of Seratonin is produced, with the sweat we leave physical and mental toxins on the mat, releasing us from anything which doesn´t serve us anymore. This practice helps to gain more serenity and that is the key for fulfilled bliss.

  • stronger muscles = stronger orgasm

  • increased circulation = increased libido

  • higher consciousness = higher self-esteem

  • more energy = more enjoyment of life

  • activated chakras = higher energy level

  • be present = more ecstasy

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