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Baked Carrots and Squash with Herbs and Humus

vegan squash and carrots

Baked Carrots and Squash with Herbs and Humus

Especially in the evenings I like to prepare something quick and light, this recipe will give you enough for two portions and won't fill you uo too much, while nourishing you with Carotine, Protein, Potassium and Vitamin C. Squash is low in calories and the different kinds of pumpkin give you a great choice to play around with the different flavors and textures of each pumpkin. If you keep the dish in the fridge make sure you keep Humus and veggies separately.


- 1/2 organic squash, preferably hokaido because you can eat the skin

- 3 organic carrots, if you can find old species, or purple carrots

- parsley, rosemary I like to put some chopped thyme but it is too intense for some people - 1/2 lemon or 2 small limes which are a little bit more sweet - 200g of humus, which you can make yourself or just but a jar

organic carrots

old carrot species


Peal the carrots and slice them in long halfs

Peal the squash if you did not use a Hokaido and take out the seeds. Slice the squash into long pieces Squeeze the lemon and pre-heat the oven on 150Celsius Wash parsley and rosemary and all other herbs you like to put, chop them roughly

Take a baking tray and put some olive on it, arrange the carrots and squash, massage carrots and squash with the chopped herbs (leave some on the side for the deco) and olive oil (with your hands)

Add some water on the baking try

Now bake it for 45min at


Arrange humus on a plate

Take the roots out from the oven

Arrange the roots on top of the humus

Sprinkle parsley and lemon juice on top

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