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Vegan Curcuma Latte, the Golden Milk from India

how to make vegan curcuma latte


Curcuma Latte is the new fancy drink in most of the vegan hipster places around Vienna. Funny enough this drink is very ancient and only now the main stream food industry brought it back to life. Ayurveda involves Curcuma in many dishes and drinks because of its healing effects. Originally the Curcuma Latte also called Turmeric Latte or Golden Milk comes from the Ayurveda tradition in India. There are ready made mixes to make your Curcuma Latte BUT it is way more fun to explore the nearest Asian Supermarket and get all the spicy and make your own homemade vegan latte.


0,5 liter of cashew nut milk (this will give it the most silky texture) or your favorite plant milk 1 tea spoon of curcuma powder 3 cloves, 2 star anis 1 stick of cinnamon

2 black cardamon pieces 1 tea spoon of coconut sugar


Grind cloves, anis and black cardamon roughly in a blender Roast this mix and the cinnamon stick shortly in a pan so their full flavor opens up Take a small pot and put the tea spoon of curcuma in it

Add all the plant milk Add the spices and the coconut sugar

Make the golden milk boil once and the reduce the heat

Now simmer the liquid for at least 20 minutes on low flame

If you want the Curcuma Latte foamy blend it with a Purée Mixer in the pot

Pure the milk through a strainer into a mug


Pure the Curcuma Latte in a glass or mug and sprinkle with some nutmeg and cinammon

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