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Raw Vegan Spring Rolls with Tofu and Peanut Sauce

how to make raw vegan spring rolls with tofu and peanut sauce

RAW VEGAN SPRING ROLLS WITH TOFU AND PEANUT SAUCE I think these rolls are the best thing Vietnam ever created, at least that's how I see it. I am in love with the little rolls, super refreshing, light and fun to eat. Some years ago my friend and I would meet every Friday evening for our Spring-Roll-Night. We would go crazy with our experimental fusion rolls, trying things not worked well and also things that did not go well at all, like putting strawberries and chocolate was probably one of the worst ides we had... This recipe is the classy one, but again you can put any fruit you like and experiment with herbs and dips. The mix of tropical fruits like Papaya goes very well with the peanut sauce and cilantro. Have fun rolling, wrapping and tasting


Rice paper 1 Mango

1 Carrot

1/2 Cucumber

1/4 Caggabe (red or green) 200 gramm Tofu Mint, basil, cilantro leaves

4 Table spoons of organic peanut butter 1 table spoon of soy sauce


Soak the rice paper in warm water, treat it very carefully and only soak one by one

Was the veggies and the herbs

Peal the vegetables and cut them in long slices

Fry the tofu slightly in a pan, use water instead of oil to boil the tofu

Cut the tofu on half and slices it in similar pieces like the veggies

Take the rice paper out the water and place it in front of you Put the veggies in one line in the middle of the rice paper

If the slices are too long or to short adjust them by cutting ur putting more sticks so your rolls won't be super big nor too tiny Place a leave of mint, basil and cilantro on top of the slices Fold the sides of the rice paper over the veggies then start wrapping the paper carefully

Leave space on the edges

Work with wet hands so you don't stick to the rice paper

Seal the roll with some water

Now mix the peanut butter with a spoon of soy sauce


Cut the rolls into half

Place the rolls with the open side on top on a flat plate

Arrange the Dip with some sesame seeds

Places some lettuces, the traditional way to eat the rolls in Vietnam is to wrap the rolls in salad leaves


what do I need for raw vegan spring rolls

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