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29.7.2018 Shamanic Woman Retreat Vienna

Women Retreats in Vienna Sophie Prana


My friend Piara from Budapest, Kundalini Teacher for many years, world traveler and Feminine Reconnection Coach is hosting a beautiful event together with me. We will bring women together and create a day to remind us of the power of sisterhood, dancing us free, laughing out loud, stomping, jumping, crying, bringing all up, that we had swollen so long. Now is the time to free yourself from pain and suffering. Understand that your true nature is nothing but love, joy and bliss. Lets create a magical day together in nature, embracing femininity and sisterhood.

I will teach a Shamanic Yoga Class in the morning to open us for the day, fueling the body with prana to be prepared for a long and exciting workshop day. Shamanic Yoga is a sensual, Yin orientated style of Asanas and breath work, focusing on the mental and spiritual connection of our true being.


Our aim is to create a workshop for women of all ages and stages in life. Working with the power of Kundalini Yoga, Dance and Tantric Exercise we want to rise the female energy, the shakti power in us. The more we are able to connect with this shakti energy the more conscious we can live, create and manifest a life of abundance in all forms. We would like to give every women the key to unlock their natural born gifts. Bringing the awareness to ourselves will make us aware of our wounds, only if we dare to look into the wounds we can then start to heal them. We would like to hold the space for releasing trauma and blockages through dance, sensual contact dance and chakra balancing. We will also gaze into the female sexuality, as the sexual energy is one of the most powerful tools of connecting to the essence of the heart. Conscious sexuality means to love ourself first, allowing to expand and explore as well as to learn how to say `no`. The more we can expand and open our heart and release past patterns the easier we will find inner peace and freedom.

We would like to invite you to a journey of





kundalini yoga

shamanic yoga

Expect the unexpected

Yoga Mats Lotuscrafts Shamanic Women Workshop Vienna


The daily life and the modern role of the women makes us to all-round-talents-fighting-warriors.

We wanted to dedicate the workshop time to the beauty of us women, which we tend to oversee in the struggle of daily life, husband, household kids. Moreover we are very competitive and instead of standing together we run through our lives like lonely wolves. We can be so much more powerful if we work together, if we support each other and see the value of each of us, instead of comparing us.

Feminine Workshop Vienna Austria


8.30 Welcome at the venue

9.00 Shamanic Yoga with Sophie Prana

10.30 Breakfast Juice and vegan snacks

11.00 Sensual Contact Dance with Sophie Prana

12.30 Lunch Break

13.00 - 19.00 Chakra Healing, Shamanic Breathwork, Sacred Sexuality with Piara

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