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1.- 4.11.2019 Yoga & Pilates Retreat - Bliss Weekend Marrakech

What is this Retreat about?

On the holiday weekend in November we invite you to join us for the first Yoga&Hot Inferno Pilates Retreat in the amazing city of Marrakech! We’ve rented a luxury villa with private pool, hamam and a terrace overlooking the old town. We’ll offer morning meditation, Vinyasa classes with Sophie and Hot Inferno Pilates with Tammy. - Fresh smoothies and vegan breakfast served daily

- A traditional Hamam treatment and an excursion to the nearby mountain area are included

- Daily Yoga and Pilates Class

- A dessert Trip with Lunch

- Two vegan dinners at the Villa Space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot now

The contact:

Email to Sophie Prana

Call: 069916930339

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