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The current situation is a challenge for all of us. Especially in times of fear, panic and uncertainties it is essential to stay grounded and healthy, balanced and strong. We all have to look after our health, body and mind, especially because we cannot move as much or workout as much as we used to. But also because we are social beings and being locked down, away from friends and family can have major impacts on our well being.

In order to keep you active and fit, I created a 4 day workout plan, combined with 4 healthy vegan recipes. Find positive things in every situation! Being at home and having a lot of free time can be a chance to finally start working out, or getting back into a workout routine, which was not possible with your full time work week. You want to get your body ready for spring and summer? Tone some body parts, loose a little fat here and there and get rid of that annoying cellulite ? Well - now is the time my dear !!! Get up and roll out the mat, turn off the TV and start working out with me.

4 days of the week should be dedicated to one of the videos and afterwards you can reward yourself with a yummy, vegan, health treat. All workouts are available for any kind of sportive or not so sportive person, all levels will be able to workout out accordingly and all videos are not longer than 10min. If you feel like the workout was not enough, you can add another video or repeat the practice in various sets.

Here are the links for your 4 day workout plan:

DAY 1: Slim Legs & Sexy Butt (10 min) + Home made Pecan Butter and Toast

DAY 2: Toned Abs & Legs (7 min) + Vegan Pina Colada Bliss Balls

DAY 3: Perfect Booty (9min) + Cacao Chia Pudding

DAY 4: Strong Triceps (7 min) + Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

All given recipes are vegan and very simple to make. Make sure you to do the grocery before you start the 4 day plan, so you have all items at home. Perhaps you can convince your partner, kids or room mates to join you for this challenge. It is always more fun to do these activities together.

I would be very grateful if you would leave a feedback for me in the comment box below.

And now, I wish you a lot of fun and motivation for this program.

#stayhealty , #stayhome , #staypositive , #stayfit

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