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My Liver Flush with Epsom Salt

The liver is cleaning 1,4 liters of blood per minute and mine has never been cleaned within 34 years. The liver flush with Epsom Salt is by far the quickest and most effective way to detox and purify the body. Liver flushing has a place in traditional medicine and is considered a very deep therapeutic step in physical and emotional cleansing. The cells of the liver produce between 500 and 1500ml of bile each day. Bile is a dense yellow liquid, stored in the gallbladder, which serves as a reservoir for the bile secretion by the liver. The retained bile can form mud and condense sands and crystals composed of bile slats. Over time this converts into calcified stones, which are removed in the liver flush.


- complete drainage and elimination of accumulated toxins, cholesterol and other fats

- proper bile flow

- improved motility of the gallbladder


- Epsom salt is very harsh on the organs 

- Very de-hydrating method

- Weakens the digestive fire (agni)

- toxins may be redistributed



Start to drink at least 0,5-1,5L cloudy organic apple juice per day until the day of the flush

This will help to activate the bile secretion, supporting the liver to release toxins


No coffein, no alcohol, no dairy products, no meat. Try to eat as little and as light as possible


Try to stick to fruits only and don´t eat after 5pm


Have a light breakfast and don´t eat after 2pm. Drinking water and apple juice is also allowed after 2pm. Around 5pm start to prepare 3 glasses of filtered water and add 2 table spoons of Epsom Salt to each glass. Squeeze the lemons or grapefruits and store the juice for later. Prepare your couch or bed. Make yourself cozy. Turn off the phone, TV and laptop. Tune in with your body, read, meditate, do what relaxes you and feels good.

6pm drink the first glass of epsom salt water

8pm drink the second glass of epsom salt water

9.45pm prepare the olive oil and grapefruit (or lemon juice) mix, shake or blend well so it gets an even liquid

10pm drink the oil lemon mix and lay down for sleep. Try to keep on your right side to bring the liquid right into your liver. You might experience sour burping, nausea or vomiting. Stay calm, breath through it

6am drink the last glass of epsom salt

Try to stay home and close to the bathroom during the whole day. Have tea during the morning whenever you feel like it.  Around lunch you may have a glass of fresh orange juice and a light meal, like a vegan porridge or soup. Drink milk-thistle tincture in your water and turmeric shots for the next 5 days to support your liver and gall bladder functions


Not only bile and toxins are moved but also energy and emotions. With the liver flush accumulated emotions like rage and sadness may come to the surface. It is advisable to have colonic sessions after the flush to insure that any liver toxins are evacuated. I started to release around 4am in the morning until the late morning. First only small yellow and very soft pieces were released. After drinking the last glass of epsom salt I started to release the first stones. Some of the stones were as big as my fingernails, bright green in color and very soft. I had a colonics session the same day as my flush and felt that it was a big support for my liver and I released more matter (very yellow) and more stones.

I broke the fast with fresh juice and fruits and started to feel a lot better after the food and hydration. I stayed close to the bathroom throughout the day as I released small amounts of bile and more gas.

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