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The Pinkest Nice Cream Ever

Did you know that the dragon fruit exists in two colours? The white one is the more common one, whereas the pink one is really hard to find - at least in the west. In Indonesia the pink Dragonfruit grows everywhere and all year around. The taste of the pink fruit is rich, sweet and between kiwi and papaya, I would say. In the west the pink fruit is hard to find, but there is companies who produce a powder out of the dried fruit. I attached the link for my favorite powder for you below.


for one bowl

2 frozen Bananas

1 cup Almond-milk

1 tablespoon Dragonfruit Powder

1 teaspoon Cinnamon

1 teaspoon chopped Almonds

1 teaspoon Coconut-flakes


Put the bananas and the almond milk in a blender

Add the cinnamon and the dragonfruit powder

Blend everything until a smooth mass appears It is important to put the bananas first and blend on a slow stage to make the texture more creamy

Pour everything into a bowl and top with almonds and coconut flakes

MY TIP: if you use coconut milk instead of almond milk the mass will be even more creamy and thick

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