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Vegan Mango Ice Cream

BANANA FREE! Ice cream is not something I eat on hot summer days, but I actually crave it a lot throughout the year. Before going vegan I used to binge boxes of vanilla and cookie ice cream... Of course ending up with pimples, belatedness for days, mood swings and other nasty stuff. This recipe is simple to make and more importantly: simple to digest, because it basically is a Mono fruit meal, meaning it contains only one variety of fruit, which optimal for the digestive system. The recipe works best if you use frozen mangos, so the texture gets very creamy. As this recipe does not need bananas, you get the silky texture with the coconut milk and the frozen mangos and the power of a strong blender.



4 mangos

500g frozen mango

500ml coconut milk

1 tea spoon of vanilla extract

1 tea spoon of cinnamon

1 handful oil-free granola

1 handful coconut chips


Prepare two bowls

Cut and slice your mangos and freeze them (or just open take deep frozen mango cubes)

Pour the mangos in the blender

Cover with coconut milk

Add vanilla and cinnamon

Start the blender on low and slowly turn the volume up

Blend until the texture is creamy, if needed add a bit more coconut milk but don't make it too liquid

Stop the blender and pour the ice cream into the bowls

Arrange the granola and coconut chips nicely on top

TIP: color up your ice cream with wheatgrass powder (green) or aronia powder (pink)

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