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Vegan Pecan Nut Yogurt

There are plenty of vegan yogurt choices made from a variety of non-dairy milk. Presently, dairy-free options include soy, coconut, almond, hemp, flax, or cashew milk. I like to ferment my own coconut yogurt with probiotic bacterias, however this is a bit difficult without fresh coconut meat. Therefore this recipe will be based on simple soy yogurt which you can purchase in any supermarket.


for 1 bowl

300g sugar free plain soy yogurt

50g raw pecan nuts

2 table spoons raw cacao powder

50ml soy milk

2 table spoons oil free granola

fruits of your choice

50g pecan nut butter


Pour the yogurt, the nuts and the soy milk in a blender and mix it to a smooth texture

Add the raw cacao and blend again

Wash, peal and cut your fruits

Pour the yogurt in a bowl

Decorate with granola and the fruits

Top with pecan nut butter


MY TIP: if you are a sweet tooth you can add some coconut sugar or marple syrup to make the

smoothie more sweet and take away the slightly bitter taste of the raw cacao.

LEAVE A COMMENT: which are your favorite fruits to top this bowl up with ?

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