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 Level Up Wellbeing Programs

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für dich !

Next Level Business Opportunities

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It is time to break free, it is time to leave the old behind because this is your life and that´s all you have! You deserve a life that you love and you deserve to feel appreciated, healthy and happy. I had to break down and wake up in hospital before I understood that I was living my life for other people. Throughout the last 10 years I have built my brand and created a successful global business.
Now it is time to share this lifestyle of freedom, abundance and 
independence with you. I have created step by step strategies which make this opportunity accessible to anybody.


All you need to do is - START !

 Skin Support by Sophie

This is the opportunity to finally understand the language your skin is speaking. With my holistic approach to wellbeing I translate the way your body is talking to you and provide customized solutions.


One on One Melasma Support

Melasma is a cell degeneration. It simply can´t be treated externally in a sustainable way. Let me share with you how to approach Melasma on cellular level.


Detox  & Anti-Aging Consultation

Real beauty comes from within! It all starts on cellular level and that is where we will look together in this free 15min. consultation call


Holistic Botox for your Face

Combining conscious nutrition and cellular hydration with the latest technology of world leading Anti-Aging devices. 

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