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Next Level Business Opportunities

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It is time to break free, it is time to leave the old behind because this is your life and that´s all you have! You deserve a life that you love and you deserve to feel appreciated, healthy and happy. I had to break down and wake up in hospital before I understood that I was living my life for other people. Throughout the last 10 years I have built my brand and created a successful global business.
Now it is time to share this lifestyle of freedom, abundance and 
independence with you. I have created step by step strategies which make this opportunity accessible to anybody.


All you need to do is - START !

 Skin Support by Sophie

This is the opportunity to finally understand the language your skin is speaking. With my holistic approach to wellbeing I translate the way your body is talking to you and provide customized solutions.


One on One Melasma Support

Melasma is a cell degeneration. It simply can´t be treated externally in a sustainable way. Let me share with you how to approach Melasma on cellular level.


Detox  & Anti-Aging Consultation

Real beauty comes from within! It all starts on cellular level and that is where we will look together in this free 15min. consultation call


Non-Botox for your Face

Combining conscious nutrition and cellular hydration with the latest technology of world leading Anti-Aging devices. 

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