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The 5 Day Juice Cleanse

​`summer challenge`

Fruit Shakes

5 Days of Juicing, Healing & Rejuvenating

What's included in this program

My Juicing E-book with recipes and detailed instructions for every meal.

A beginners guide how to juice healthy and efficiently.

Videos and support for healing crisis and daily fasting routines.

A grocery shopping list for every juice, as PDF so you can print it out.

Product links with exclusive discounts.

How to break your cleanse in a healthy way.

4 Bonus snack recipes.

Benefits of this program

Your are not alone. We will do this cleanse as a group and this will help each of you to succeed much easier than pushing through 5 days on your own.

This is not a diet. This cleanse is not made to loose weight within 5 days and than put double the weight back on afterwards. This cleanse gives you the tools for a long lasting and sustainable change of nourishing your body.

Are you tired of not feeling well? It is your birth right to feel the best and healthiest version of yourself. This program will help you to find your balance and to become the healthiest version of yourself.

You are new to this lifestyle? Don't worry, this program is designed for people who are transitioning out of a regular western diet into a healthy plant based life. I am guiding you through this process with all my experience and know-how. 

This is not about starving yourself! This cleanse has cleary no aim to count calories or go into any kind of deficiency in order to loose weight. This cleanse is about abundance, joy, bliss and health on physical, mental and emotional level.

Say good-bye to your issues! Bloating, acne, cravings, you name it. We all are confronted with symptoms our body has developed throughout the years, which are rooted in toxic food and toxic stagnation in our organs. Within the 5 days your body will be able to recover and you will see the glow on your skin, the flat tummy and so much more. This really is like a vacation for your whole organism. 

Don't worry about failing! I will pick you up exactly where you are and guide you through this cleanse. This is about expanding your horizon and about trying something new. Making the effort to book this program is a huge sign of self love and there is simply no such as thing as failure.

If English is not your first language! English is not my first language either. After I hosted a New Years Fast in German and created the Face Workout Camp in German, I felt it was time to give something back to my international followers. If you have a hard time with English, feel free to contact me at any time and we will figure something out for you.

Always wanted and never did? You always wanted to detox or even to transition into a plant based lifestyle but never knew how and where to start. Well, then this is the perfect chance for you, to try something life changing with professional guidance.

E-Book Sneak Peak !

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Welcome to the 5 Day Life-Changing Experience

When fasting and cleansing is done correctly and for the right reason, something which can´t be explained with words, happens to your body.
You become so aware of just how habitual the act of eating has become. Many of us, including me, do not eat for hunger, we eat for pleasure. Absence of perpetual pleasure seeking exposes us to the emotions we mask with our habits and finally exposes to who we truly are. This is where the healing starts, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

- How to get started -

Anybody can join this program. You are never too late, too weak, too old or too busy for this!
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Click the `Join` button and you will receive an email from me

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Complete your order with the payment to my bank account

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You will receive all log-ins and documents in your Inbox

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I keep the Ebook Once the Cleanse is Over?

Is the Program available in German?

The access to all materials will be possible even after the cleanse. You can always go back to the recipes or to the videos, in order to educate yourself or to make more juices.

Can I participate if I don't have a Juicer?

Of course you can join us, even if you don't have a juicer. All my recipes are also able to make with a blender and then strain your liquids through a cloth or strainer. Of course this is not an ideal solution and makes a lot more work and mess for your daily juicing routine. Investing into a Slow Juicer is an investment into your health. A quality juicer will keep you away from anger and frustration and even though it is not a must, I highly recommend to get a juicer for this event and others.

This program is only available in English, but the structure and language are very simple to comprehend 

and actually self-explaining. English is not my native language and I think my style of explaining is easy to get even for people with little English abilities.

Is this safe even if I am new to Fasting?

This juice cleanse is not about weight loss or restricting calories. The daily juice menu provides more than 1000 calories, all vitamins, mineral and plant proteins your body needs to thrive. Cleaning the body has been a tradition for thousands of years, throughout all cultures and religions. With my guidance and experience you don't have to fear anything.

How can I pay for the Course?

Can I participate if I don't have a Juicer?

The payment is really easy. After you have enrolled yourself for the 5 Day Juice Cleanse, you will receive an Email from me, with my Paypal account information. If you don't use Paypal you can also send the money by bank transfer. My bank details are also included in the Email you receive. 

You can join the cleanse at any time you like. This is the great thing about online courses - you can do them whenever and wherever you wish. You will receive all the tools and documents to start your cleanse and perhaps you can get some friends together, so you do this as a group, which is much more motivating, in my point of view.

Your Question Was Not Answered ? Feel Free to Contact Me.

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